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Digital Pathology Slide Scanner

MBMbio-intelligence Digital Pathology Scanners

With “Precise Measurement” scanning mode , designed for A.I. machine learning

Innovative product developed by MBMbio, with technical support from the Institute for Cancer Genetics & Informatics (ICGI Norway), Norway.

The Scanners for Digital and Intelligent Pathology, meeting clinical and research needs.

  • The world’s first high-throughput pathology image scanning system optimized for AI development and application.
  • Powerful tools for the digital upgrade of the pathology department: universally used for digital slides storage, digital reading, teaching and remote pathology, to meet the daily needs of the pathology department.
  • Scanners are equipped with P.S.N. analysis software and specially adapted for P.S.N. analysis.
  • Powerful tools for research institutes and pathology departments to conduct A.I. digital pathology research: Scanned histological and cytological images are more accurate and measurable, suitable for A.I. digital pathology research, such as the development of novel digital pathology tumor prognostic biomarkers, etc.

The MBMbio-intelligence was jointly developed by MBMbio with technical support from the Institute for Cancer Genetics & Informatics (Norway) and is available in 5-slides and 400-slides models, suitable for research and clinical applications.

MBMbio-intelligence Scanners Optimized System for Precise Measurement

Key features

MBMbio-intelligence scanners settled in JLABS@Shanghai, Qilu hospital of Shandong Province and  Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham.

*The product has been designed for diagnostic purposes and has been approved by China’s NMPA(National Medical Products Administration) and UK MHRA.

**Important information for USA: For research and education use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures. This product has not been approved or cleared as a medical device by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

We also provide preparation kits, scanning and analyzing service

We have developed specimen preparation kits for in-clinic P.S.N. testing, including a Nuclear Monolayer Preparation Kit, Nuclear Monolayer DNA Dye Kit, and H&E Solution for Stroma Analysis Kit, which can simplify lab workflows and ensure result accuracy and reproducibility.

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Available Regions: United States, Canada, EMEA, Asia Pacific


Our technology platforms are available for both clinical usage and research collaboration. Click here to learn how we can work together.

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