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MBMbio-Intelligence Digital Scanner

In order to fully maximize the potential of machine and deep learning applications in digital pathology, the images acquired using digital scanners need to be optimized for “measurements”, rather than “viewing”. This led us to create the MBMbio-Intelligence, the world’s first designed for A.I. digital pathology scanner.

The MBMbio-Intelligence hardware and software are integrated and optimized to acquire accurate and precise quality cell and tissue images, and comes with various filter lenses to improve fine contrast of subcellular organelles. At the same time, it has AI adaptive precision measurement mode and conventional manual reading mode. It is suitable for AI digital pathology research and study and clinical application, and can also meet the routine operation needs of film reading, teaching and remote consultation.

The MBMbio-Intelligence was jointly developed by MBM with technical support from the Institute for Cancer Genetics & Informatics (Norway) and is available in 5-slides and 400-slides versions, suitable for research and clinical applications.

Test Kits

MBM’s biomarker system Nucleotyping, DNA Ploidy and Stroma uses standard test kits and experimental procedures to ensure rigorous and accurate analysis results.

Our technology platforms are available for both clinical usage and research collaboration. Click here to learn how we can work together.

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